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About Us

We are a team of seasoned hospitality industry professionals who have experiences spanning from working the front lines to managing a large family of properties across the country. We have assembled the best practices from all over the industry throughout the years, and we have taken this information and know-how and created the most robust and thorough online hospitality education available.

HMBookstore.com has been designed to provide education materials to help those looking to enter the hospitality industry, as well as those already working in it. Our eBooks provide a very strong foundation to begin or enhance one's duties as an employee or manager, and they cover a very wide array of positions within various hospitality settings. Each eBook is composed of a series of courses that take you through each topic in a logical and detailed manner, most of which are followed by a randomly generated quiz to help test and reinforce the learning. Once a book has been completed, a Certificate of Completion is awarded to recognize your achievement.

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