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Company Overview

We began this journey in 2004, authoring our first training module using both our extensive understanding of how to create superior Service Culture and guest satisfaction, along with our drive to always keep up with technological advances to further the hospitality industry. Since then, our team has expanded from two eager entrepreneurs to a diligent group of seasoned hospitality professionals. Together we have extensive experience covering nearly every aspect of hospitality management, from working the front lines, to building new properties from the ground-up, to managing some of the United States’ premier destinations. Along with our immeasurable passion for the hospitality industry, we have assembled the best training practices, insight, and general know-how to provide the type of educational and training resources that will help shape the hospitality leaders of both today and tomorrow.

Our vision is simple. We strive to help bolster the hospitality industry by providing the educational resources that will make employees and managers better prepared to provide the level of service and bottom-lines that are necessary to be successful in today’s world. We have sold thousands of eBooks to university and college students, as well as hotel industry professionals, and our presence throughout the globe is ever-growing. We are committed to using the best technology available, and to always providing the same high-level of customer service that we describe in our eBooks.

Our online educational resources are at the epicenter of modern hospitality education and training. We provide cost-efficient and high-quality education that results in not only superior guest satisfaction, but also decreased employee turnover and costs.

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