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eBook Reviews

What Students Are Saying About Our eBooks:
"User friendly, easy to use, read, and understand."
"The notes on the bottom of most of the pages are very helpful to get key ideas."
"The Course Index is very helpful to know what each part is all about, and easy to research information"
"The quiz at the end of each chapter allows the users the opportunity to test themselves and review the entire quiz."
"The amount of information on each page was very appropriate, not too lengthy not too short. This kept the lesson short and to the point."
Specific eBook reviews:
"The Revenue Manager eBook from HMBookstore is a great supporting material. It is short and sweet, easy to read and understand. Different from other traditional eBooks, it is more like a PowerPoint, with pictures, and some pages have links to videos. It would be a great material for hospitality introduction class... It also would be helpful for self-learners, who are looking to have a bird’s-eye view of what revenue management is and what a revenue manager does."
"The video is the best part of the Revenue Manager eBook. Using video with a mouse that pointed along with the audio makes the book attractive and makes people more focused. Compared to original hard copy of textbooks, the advantage eBook has is that it is able to add audio tools and is more flexible on visual aid such as video. It will be a good tool for accommodation of college lectures, and for students who are interested in reading more books outside of the classroom."
Overall eBook Experience Reviews:
"It was very easy to use. I liked the links that I had on my left. Also, because I did not read the whole thing consecutively, I had to close the webpage. However, after I got home, the webpage knew where I had finished reading and gave me the option whether I wanted to keep reading from where I ended, or start reading all the way from the beginning. These options were very helpful and timely efficient."
"I personally think that this is a great program and it definitely differentiates itself from other online textbooks. The program was very engaging and forced the reader to interact with the program. Being able to reach examples with one click (instead of having examples fit into a page) kept pages less cluttered and congested. Having videos and visuals were very refreshing and may be helpful to have when trying to explain calculations, ratios, or other problems. The lessons were uick and easy to read and they presented crucial information in a simple manner."
"Overall, this eBook is very refreshing. So much detail goes into physical textbooks and even other online textbooks. Keeping lessons/details concise and straightforward is more effective in my opinion. Having the option of separate links and forms that go more in depth regarding the information is very helpful."
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