Lorna Knoll

To Whom it may concern:

Implementing the HMBookstore training while focusing on teamwork and employee engagement at many of MasterBUILT hotels has already significantly lowered attrition rates and improved online guest reviews.

In fact, at one property, Lorna Knoll, Regional General Manager of MasterBUILT Hotels saw the properties guest satisfaction scores improve by 25% and TripAdvisor guest responses increase by 85% due to the full engagement of the front line team after they completed the HMBookstore hospitality training.

Lorna noted attrition remains under 20% which is a significant improvement over previous years and is below industry standards. "We are committed to provide the right training for each team member as it results in a positive service culture and reduces the overall cost of staff recruitment". "Other benefits of online education are that each course is self-paced and can be retaken at any time."


Lorna Knoll
Regional General Manager
MasterBUILT Hotels Ltd.

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