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Welcome to HMBookstore, the leading provider of hospitality educational materials for hotel owners, operators and employees. Our online library includes comprehensive hospitality books spanning from entry-level to management positions with more than 100 books offered in english and spanish.

Created by well-respected hospitality management professionals in collaboration with the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, HMBookstore's tools and services are blended into an online portal that provides much more flexibility than traditional educational materials. Here at the crossroads, is where technology intersects with conventional hospitality training.

Flexible, Online Learning

With HMBookstore, we elevate the tailored learning experience for hospitality students and professionals, providing them with the greatest chance for success.

Through our interactive, personalized platform, we are able to provide users with a hospitality education experience that helps them get the most from their eBooks. HMBookstore puts the material at the users' fingertips no matter where they are.

To reinforce the material learned, users are presented with dynamic quizzes throughout the eBooks that must be completed before moving on to the next section. Drawing questions of various types randomly from a large question bank, our quizzes are designed to help ensure each user leaves with a strong foundation to begin or advance their hospitality career.

Who Uses HMBookstore?

HMBookstore is the go-to place for both university students and industry professionals looking to build on their hospitality education and advance their careers.

HMBookstore is used by the following individuals and programs for their hospitality education needs:

  • University Hospitality Programs
  • Hotel Owners & Operators
  • Hotel Management Companies
  • Restaurant Management Groups
  • Hospitality Consultancies
  • Individual Hotel & Restaurant Employees
  • Cruise Ship Service Staff
  • and so many more!
Each book includes the following:
  • Summary of learning objectives
  • Course Lessons
  • Knowledge checks
  • Helpful downloadable forms

Enrich your Life

Looking to break into the hospitality industry or advance to the next level in your organization? By taking HMBookstore eBooks, you are rewarded with the knowledge and skills that are necessary to be successful. Our expansive course collection provides in-depth knowledge into the world of hospitality and will help prepare you to take on the challenges of that next job. And, for every eBook that you successfully complete, you will be given an official HMBookstore Certificate!

Our Web-based Hospitality eBooks...

  • Re-enforce and enhance skills
  • Increase value to employers
  • Cross-train employees for other positions
  • Prepare students for hospitality internships
  • Complement materials taught in the classroom
  • Provide instructors with a full array of reports to track progress of students - from course registration to completion

With such easy accessibility, it's time to start enhancing your education today! The hospitality business is timeless, and there will always be a need for well-trained personnel regardless of economic conditions. HMBookstore provides the educational materials for each user to "enhance" their skills so they can meet the needs of the Hospitality Industry.

From owning your own boutique hotel to working for a large volume Las Vegas Hotel, HMBookstore can provide you the tools needed to achieve the American dream!

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