Hotel Franchising

Learn the concept of franchising and various issues that pertain to it. A franchise relationship is formed when a hotel chain (franchisor) provides the owner of a hotel (franchisee) the right to use the brand name and services in exchange for a franchise fee. In the hotel industry the concept of franchising goes back to 1907 when Caesar Ritz-the Swiss hotelier who founded The Hotel Ritz in Paris and The Ritz Hotel in London-agreed to the use of his name on a number of hotels in North America and Europe. The hotel franchising concept came into its own in the 1950’s when the Holiday Inn, Ramada Inn, and Howard Johnson’s hotel chains adopted the franchise model as a way to grow their hotel systems. This course delves into the process of acquiring a franchise, to include the application and approval process, the spectrum of laws one will encounter, in addition to ideas as to how to make the most of your franchise decision.

This course is comprised of multiple courses, as well as quizzes that will test your knowledge and reinforce your learning.